Angela Brinker
Angela M. Brinker

A Message from our Founder

Hello and Welcome to Rock with Me!!

God inspired me to found, Rock with Me!! Community Economic Development Corporation as a gift and a vehicle for communities here in the United States and abroad. We have choosen to start our work in Southern California.  We provide services for Los Angeles; Orange; San Diego; Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.  Rock with Me!! is here to be of service to whomever needs us to help move them, their families and their communities to greatness.

“Mediocracy is not acceptable; we need to exhibit greatness in all that we do!!”

I am but, one person and I need your help. Rock with Me!! can do anything with your help, allow me to introduce myself so, we can get to the community work together.

I’m Angel and I am!! I am the granddaughter of Eber & Annie Brinker and Theodore & Elsie House. I am the third daughter of Carl & Carol Brinker. I am the sister of 4 brothers and 5 sisters. I am the mother of a daughter and the mother-in-law of a son. I am the grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters. I am the wife of a woman that I love and cherish dearly. I am the auntie, grand auntie, and great auntie to many tribes of nieces and nephews. I am the niece and cousin to a host of uncles, aunties and cousins. I am a friend to a host of people all over the world!!  I have spent the majority of my life being of service and helping others to do the same.

I love god for bringing me here and I honor god by doing whatever the spirit ask of me. I am blessed and so are you!! I have had the opportunity to be of service on many occasions with many Nonprofits and Community Organizations and will be in-service until the day I die for sure. Right now, I’m in need of the help of service minded people, will you help me? I am in need of your time; talent; and/or treasure so that, Rock with Me!! CEDC can go into the communities we serve and be of service to help make individuals, families and communities great and even greater!!

Right now you can help by donating, volunteering and/or working with us to be of service!!

Thank you and welcome aboard…

About Us


“We see self-sufficient individuals and communities working together to ensure their current and future generations safe arrival into their envisioned healthy futures……..”

Our Goal

Rock with Me!!’s goal is to help effect positive change in communities and in personal lives by assisting to move the residents, homeless populations and the communities we serve, at large, towards living and supporting their communities’ values, vision and mission. It is our intention to recreate this positive change in communities in our country and abroad. 

Ready to Get Started?
Rock With Me!! offers a multitude of different ways for you to get involved in helping your community. Click below to begin your experience with us.

Leadership Academy San Bernardino
A Day of Service 2019 City of San Bernardino - (Leadership Development)


“Our Mission is to assist in providing the best Community Economic Development practices and services to the communities we serve…”